Coin sound problem Endless Runner

When i made the coins + coin sound there now is a coin sound everytime i start the game, what did i do wrong?

can you screenshot the blueprint you’ve made

Here is the blueprint of the coin (if you ment an onther blueprint please tell me i wil make an screen from it

This happens because your coin is overlapping something at the very beginning. You can prevent that by making a special collision channel for coin. So overlap event will occur only if player overlaps the coin.

I made this game using the TuT, do u have a suggestion how to do it? Its my 1st game ever so i dont have alot of brains with me on this part (NOT YET hehe)

Ty for helping btw

I had the same issue, found the answer on youtube.

by furlerler 2 weeks ago
For anyone else also having problems of non-zero coin count when the level starts…

I had same issue as a few others here but also noticed that for the first set of 9 floor tiles, many were bare of coins or rocks, they just had nothing. Basically, the player start was a few units to low in the Z axis and must have been colliding with the first tile, so when I started the game, the engine seemed to be having a bit of a collision freak-out and instantly rewarding me with all the coins that spawn in that initial set. So by just moving the player start up a few units I fixed it with no trouble :slight_smile: