Coin pickup problems

Hello, I am first time poster and recently I’ve been working on adding coin pickups (called Star Gems in my project) to my experimental side-scrolling platforming project that I’m hoping to turn into a full-fledged game. However, I’ve ran into two different problems in attempting implement coin pickups & so I’ve been hoping I could insight into how I can fix these two problems.

The first problem is that while I’ve been working on setting up the coin/Star Gem blueprint, for some reason I cannot call any reference to the coins/StarGem variable to hook up to the rest of the Blueprint array. As a result of problem, the game is unable to track the total number of “coins” that the player has accumulated.

Coin pickup Blueprint:

SideScrollerCharacter Blueprint:

The second problem that’s been causing problems is that when the player character attempts to grab a coin/Star Gem pickup from beneath, the player character will react as if they are hitting an invisible ceiling. issue also appears to occur briefly when the player lands on the pickup from above, causing to the player to slip off the top of the item before they pick it up. Strangely, collecting the pickups from the left/right sides doesn’t seem to cause any issues whatsoever.

Coin pickup/Star Gem viewport:

Any help with matter would be greatly appreciated.

1: Did you check if the Star Gem variable is set to public?
2: Remove the collision of your Static Mesh and use your box collision for overlaps OR remove the box component and use the Static Mesh overlap instead (component overlap).