Coin Grabber

Coin Grabber

Coin Grabber is a simple little arcade game were you have to collect coins and avoid enemy contact.

Sure. Well. No. XD too tiny and bad graphics. Gameplay is more worth!

AI Enemy wich randomly moves around and try to catch you when spotted.
You can escape…
Visible viewsight from enemys wich you have to avoid.
The player has a flashlight wich helps him to see in the dark!

Health packs
Battery Packs

5 minutes Timer wich marks the end of the game.
A Highscore list so you can see your stats!

W A S D - For basic movement
Mouse - Camera control
F - Flashlight
Space - Jump
F1 -> F4 - We never made it in the game

The guy that made the free PatrolKI realy helped me with his contribution, i recreated the entire project on it! :slight_smile: thx!

70 mb - game is in 1280x720 resolution

This game is just a test, i have way bigger projects with way deeper mechanics. This is just for testing and actually having something finished. :3

So what score did you get?
My best was 74 Gold coins!

Echo: on

Echo: off

/o/ now you understand

Bump! Hahah :smiley:
What was your first game?

EDIT: The link is broken and i cant find the files anymore :smiley: lol