Coherent UI running in UE4 video

I saw this video on YT and thought to share, it looks really cool with that video playing in browser mapped onto a plane:

Hey, that’s me.

Appreciate the advertisement, but its already been posted several times.

Search is your friend :slight_smile:

Meh…that’s what happens when you post links in the wee hours of the morning instead of going to bed. :slight_smile:

I hear that :slight_smile:

The official Coherent plugin for Unreal Engine 4 is coming soon though. I spoke with their CTO last week about it.

you can now suscribe to beta program for CoherentUI for Ue4

Per the Coherent website, the C++ implementation begins at $650/yr. for small indie teams. Whilst this may be a reasonable price for some developers/teams, I think many hobbyist/garage developers will have to find a more reasonably priced solution, or create one for themselves based on Slate or another third party product. Epic should have something for us down the road as well, although we have no ETA at present.

Or will there be a new pricing scheme once the UE4 implementation officially releases?


I am considering librocket for my current project. does this interest anyone else and if so would anyone be interested in helping with the integration? I am not incredibly experienced with C++

It’s MIT licensed so I would say its perfect for “Garage Indies”

it looks nice, will be really helpfull if someone can integrate it to ue4, thanks for the info.

Hey guys,

I am Coherent Labs Community Director and wanted to thank you very much for the support. We really appreciate it, as it helps us improve our product even further and be helpful for all our fellow developers. Just wanted to add, that we are literally few days from releasing the plugin. I am looking forward to your feedback. Please drop me a line, if you have any questions.


Just a quick follow-up: we’ve written down an analysis of Canvas, Slate and Coherent UI in our latest blog post. Hope you will find it useful: Unreal Engine Slate UI framework and the Coherent Labs UE4 plugin

EDIT: We just released the Beta plugin for Unreal Engine 4. Those of you who have subscribed can check your e-mails for the download link :slight_smile: If you haven’t done so yet and want to give it a shot, please sign up here: Coherent Labs


So the awesomeness of this Coherent UI is that we can watch browser in Game ,that’s all? Why there is only 1 video where player just stand and watch browser in Engine…

Of course not lol :stuck_out_tongue: you can make UI’s in html5, css3 etc. (which is awesome) it’s not just to make a browser in game.

Thanks for that! I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do. Can you spill the beans on pricing, etc? $700 a year (as mentioned above) might be a bit steep (Since the whole of UE4 is $240 a year). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No MacOSX?

I believe (and hope) pricing for UE will be similar to the one for Unity starting at 150$ (or even 100$ form mobile only(

See here

It looks promising, but a dark around licensing is a bit frightening :frowning:

My understanding is if you want to manually configure CUI into UE4 you can use it fine on OSX already, if you want the more headache free plugin, they said they’re expecting to release the OSX version next month, based on an email response I got.

Hey ufna,

We will be releasing our pricing options very soon and of course, we will keep you posted.

Hey everyone,

I would personally like to thank you all for evaluating our beta plugin for Unreal Engine 4. Our mission is to develop a great UI tool for fellow developers and in order to be able to address the right spots, we need to understand as much as possible for your team and project. We have created a survey, which will not only help us prioritize our development efforts, but will also help us provide you with the best options for licensing Coherent UI.

We will choose one random winner among the people submitted the survey to win full commercial Coherent UI for UE4 license! The license will be provided for free and the winner will have to sign a licensing agreement with us. Please submit the survey only once. The survey takes less than 20 minutes.

Take the survey now!

Submission deadline: May 8th.

Thank you very much for your time and Good Luck!