Coherent GT new release announcement

Hey guys,

We are developing our Coherent GT plugin for Unreal Engine 4 at full speed and we are happy to announce our newest release - Coherent GT 1.5.

Some of the notable improvements and new features during the last few releases are:

You can see the full list of new features in our changelog.

If you are interested to see how Coherent GT performs compared to UMG, you can see some tests we did here.

We’ve also updated our tutorials page and added a whole new section dedicated to the content creation in Coherent GT.

NEW Features from our latest release on 5 Oct. 2015

  • Support for Unreal Engine 4.9.2
  • Added a launcher app serving as quick access hub for Coherent GT for UE4 plugin

NEW Features from our latest release on 11 Nov. 2015

  • Localization API for GT.
  • Gamepad API support
  • Coherent Editor 1.0 - HTML visual editor specifically designed for Game UI. Check the online demo!

If you find this new features thrilling, as we did - try out the new version now.

This are really great features. We have been using coherent UI for a while now and its been great for us.
So question is, we have a Coherent UI subscription right now and to upgrade to Coherent GT, does we have buy the subscription again?


hey ,
Thank you for using Coherent UI, unfortunately currently we don’t have subscription option available for Coherent GT.
We are evaluating the possibility of adding a subscription plan for Coherent GT, so stay tuned!

Hi GalyaT I went ahead and filled out the application for Coherent GT. We look forward to start using it and seeing what we can do with it.


EDIT: Just got my download link, I will post the first test of Coherent GT later on tomorrow which will be a main menu that we designed.


While I think your product is great for a lot of reasons, I don’t think it’s fair to publish performance data of 4 Dec 2014.
What could be interesting is more how your engine behave versus 4.9 UMG as a lot of improvment has been included and make sure C++ is used (nearly no BP), binding when the data change often and event it’s not updating to often.

I really like to see that data to make a decision to try your product.


Hi LethalLotus,

We’d love to hear your feedback about your fist test!

Hi Elvince,

Thank you for your feedback! We are planing to publish another comparison soon.
Both Coherent GT and UMG evolve a lot during this time. Coherent GT had a lot of performance improvements since that blog post - the major one being the possibility to move the whole UI to a work thread. We are trying to make our tests as fair as possible but still keeping them realistic and close to real workflows used by developers.
Can you share with us any specific tests or scenarios/UIs you’d like to see?


I will be interested in those tests:

  • Widget reuse : Let’s take a Moba player selection. You have a lot a character that you can select. So Create a widget for 1 character to design it and map it in a selection screen to 20/40 differents character (images, name, attributes).
  • Animation: Play some animation on the widget. Let’s say you have a list of team player in a replay mode. You select on of them and you want to see a highlight animation around the selected player.
  • 3D widget: Let’s say you want to put a live scoreboard inside your game on a panel. Took the example of a Backetball arena where the score is shown at the top of the field. Anoter example is the “Name” sticky panel around each player to know who you are seeing
  • Minimap: have a sample of what you can do with this.

if I have more example I will share them.


$3500 is way out of my budget unfortunately. I might be able to do about $250 considering I am a one-man team with a **** job to support my bills/loans/development.

You can use BLUI in this case.


In my opinion prices are not fair acording with the plugin, its a great plugin but overpriced, but shouldnt be expensive (and no coments about the support). Im just talking about the team license.

Why should it?Folks actually are puting great effort to this solution.I am sorry that you can’t afford it , but you got some free options .

Love this, sent an application.