Codesigning/Notarization Problem with UE 4.22.3

It’s not quite a iOS problem, but definitly apple related, so I give it a try here.

We’re trying to deploy an UE Application outside of the Mac Store and everything works great until the actual installation. The Software is codesigned/notarized but the Mac Gatekeeper declines opening it.

The Mac Console throws out errors regarding RPaths even with a complete blank UE project:

/Applications/ failed on rPathCmd /Applications/…/…/…//libPhysX3.dylib

Seems to be related to Technical Note TN2206: macOS Code Signing In Depth (“Gatekeeper Changes in macOS 10.10.4 and Later”).

Does anyone have experience how these rpath have to be changed to get application to run properly?

Cheers, Tillman

I am having the same issue. Were you able to figure this out?

I was able to figure out the entire process. So I explained it in a Medium article.

Awesome. After two weeks of pure hell, we were able to figure that out as well back then. But thanks for the great step by step!