CodeLite Integration Configuration

Apologies for the entry level question. I am brand new to UE. I am running on Ubuntu and trying to configure codelite to be able to build and run in the editor. Unfortunately it is failing because by default my build is looking for a windows executable. Error Below:

MESSAGE: Entering directory `/home/craig/personal/UnrealEngine/Engine/Binaries/Linux’
/bin/sh -c ‘mono UnrealBuildTool.exe RollingTestEditor Linux Development -project="/home/craig/personal/projects/RollingTest/RollingTest.uproject" -build’

The error seems pretty straightforward but the solution doesn’t seem as clear to me. I don’t see a corresponding shell script that I can use instead of the .exe. If anyone has a sample codelite build params on Linux then that would probably be very helpful.

Thank you very much.

Make sure you have mono installed and configured on your system. UnrealBuildTool.exe is a C# program that compiles everything related to UE4 and it works on GNUX as the same it works on Mac and Windows. There must be a problem on you’re system. Go to the main mono project site and add the PPA to get the newest mono version.