[CODEDROP] The Mammoth: A Cave Painting now an open-source Android Experiment

Our Ludum Dare 33 entry The Mammoth has been chosen by Google to be featured on their showcase for interesting Android content,! This is a site not just for finding interesting apps for your phone, but also learning from them: everything there is open-source. So we decided to go for it!

Download the source for The Mammoth on Github!

Check out The Mammoth on Android Experiments!

The game was made in the 3 days of the game jam, but we did create some basic frameworks for 2D sprite animation and AI flocking systems beforehand, which we used as a basis for the game (along with Unreal Engine 4, of course). That said, the code isn’t of the highest quality, but hopefully it is interesting to people who want to see how you can go about making a 2D game in 3 days with the engine. Feel free to hack it up and do whatever you like with it! Alternatively, you can watch the timelapse of the code being written:

We had so much fun making The Mammoth that we decided to keep working together as inbetweengames, and launched as a 3-person studio about a month ago. We’re hard at work on our first non-jam game, but we’ll be back for Ludum Dare 34 in December! In the meantime, check out The Mammoth on PC, OSX, Android, iOS or in your browser, and of course, follow us on twitter.