Code to grab texture from folder post-build to use in material?

Am hoping to get a response from an Epic employee regarding this issue.

Do UE4 blueprints have functionality that allows me to search for a particular folder in the packaged game files (say, somewhere around C:\Users\Anonymous\Desktop\ProjectName\WindowsNoEditor\Engine\Content) to find a targa file that an end user places in there? I want to be able to take that targa and use it in a dynamic material instance in the game. In other words, I want to give the user the ability to use their own textures in a material used in my program. Ideally, I would want some validators to test if they’re the right aspect ratio, multiple of 2, etc.

If this is not possible now, is it possible to request it for implementation in a later version? It is extremely important for a feature I want to include in an ongoing project of mine.

Anyone at Epic able to respond?

I just found out that Unity is able to accomplish this. See: Loading a PNG image as a texture at runtime in Unity3d - Stack Overflow

That tells me it’s technically possible from a general game engine standpoint (which is contrary to a response I got on the Unreal Engine Forums from a fellow developer).

I’m OK if this needs to be done in C++, I just need to know if it’s possible.

Pretty please, Epic?