Code signed Error

I am new to Mac developement. I just bought a Mac for ARKit development. I wanted to explore Unreal as an option but am running into this issue when trying to compile the ShaderCompileWorker

CodeSign /Users/jasonodom/Desktop/UnrealEngine-dev-ar-kit/Engine/Binaries/Mac/
    cd /Users/jasonodom/Desktop/UnrealEngine-dev-ar-kit/Engine/Intermediate/ProjectFiles
    export CODESIGN_ALLOCATE=/Applications/
Signing Identity:     "Mac Developer: Jason Odom (##########)"

    /usr/bin/codesign --force --sign 6A30A4032F634414C6AB5B0E0E28F286D9D52F64 --timestamp=none /Users/jasonodom/Desktop/UnrealEngine-dev-ar-kit/Engine/Binaries/Mac/

/Users/jasonodom/Desktop/UnrealEngine-dev-ar-kit/Engine/Binaries/Mac/ No such file or directory
Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1

Any help would be appreciated

I get the same problem, any solution yet?

Same thing happening here too. I see that the build directory already contains a built ShaderCompileWorker. But no .app. Anybody figure out how to resolve this yet?

Well, I guess it’s safe to ignore. I remember that compiling ShaderCompilerWorker used to be a prerequisite for building the engine on Windows, but not any longer. I think the Mac build instructions I have are out of date, because all I had to do after opening Xcode was build UE4 for My Mac, and the engine built just fine.

Just make sure that your engine source has the fix to AppleLLM.cpp, if needed - found here:…34e7c93660318b

Thank you so much guys, I ran into exact the same issue for the whole day!!