Code refuses to work?

My code just outright refuses to work. When I run it it doesn’t log anything, it doesn’t do anything. It shoots a ray and that’s it. I have no clue what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone help?

Also I’d love to attach a log but it doesn’t show any error nor any message at all. And that’s the problem. Can anyone help? I switched from Unity to this and I’m already getting very turned off by these kinds of unknown bugs…

  • what’s the loop for? it immediately returns without doing anything
  • what the point of turning a single actor into an array?
  • why not simply send an Interface message?
  • what are you really trying to do do?

Press E to use - that kind of thing?

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Trace from Camera is returning a single Hit Actor. You are then adding 1 element to an array, then trying to Loop a single element. None of that makes any sense.

You’re also immediately Breaking the loop, which won’t execute the return on loop body. This forces the loop to jump to the Completed which hits the loop body branch which will output False ALWAYS.

Walk through this tutorial.