Code plugin template generator

I’ve gotten into the habit of implementing non game-specific features as code plugins. I usually use the BlankPlugin included with UnrealEngine as base, changing some file names and code to a new name. I wrote a Python 3 script to do this automatically. Not sure if anyone is interested, but feel free to use this script in any way you want.


  • BlankPlugin

This script modifies the BlankPlugin template to create a plugin with the desired name.

Dependencies: Download Python 3.x.x from

How to use:
* Double click and follow instructions
* Or, from commandline: PluginName "Plugin friendly name" "Plugin description"

The generated plugin is found at GeneratedPlugins/PluginName. Script by ZKShao.
Feel free to redistribute and modify.

Example run:

Nice! Friendly script. Thanks Shao!

No problem!

Just fixed an issue (it didn’t parse the Build.cs), download link updated.