Code Plugin Packaging Problems

I have 2 questions regarding plugins. First the smaller one:

How can I get rid of the “Edit” and “Package” buttons when looking at the plugin details in the editor? I do not want those in a distributed build.

Second, is there something to consider when removing the source code and only using binaries? My code runs as it should in the editor, but as soon as I package it or run the game in standalone my actors disappear. That is, as long as I only add the binaries to the project. If I compile the plugin together with the game project (standard 3rd person c++ template)
it also works in standalone. There is no error message or anything, just missing actors. I have some WITH_EDITOR guards in my code, but that should not make a difference. Any ideas?

If you don’t include source code you have to distribute binaries for every single target platform; which will make you have to share several hundreds megabytes of binaries even if your source files are less than 1mb.
Or else your plugin won’t work when people package their games to a platform you didn’t include binaries for… This is why many will never buy your plugin if you don’t give them the Source folder included.

You’re right. First I thought it might be more convenient to not have to always compile it, but the way you put it makes sense. It is still bugging me though, to my understanding it should work with binaries as well as with source, I cant really seem to understand the difference here. Anyways, source it is then.
Any idea regarding the first question? There must be some way to get rid of those buttons…