Code Module Generator

Hi guys

I have created a little command-line tool to automatically generate C++ code modules for game projects. I have always found the process of creating such modules a bit tedious and not very well documented.

I just wanted to share this little tool with everyone and see how much demand there is for it. If there is a high enough demand, I will consider making this tool into an editor plugin, so it’s functionality would be available from within the editor directly, instead of through a manually installed command-line tool.

Credits also go to kantan’s blog post, which is much more up-to-date and in-depth on how (and why!) to organize your code into multiple modules.

I am still working on improving things, as I simply hacked this tool together in about an hour or so, so feedback is appreciated!

I hope my tool can help you save some time and nerves :slight_smile:

You can download a pre-compiled executable (for Windows), or you can build it yourself and take a look at the source code. Instructions on how to use the tool are also found in the repository’s README.