Code Design Question - Where To Store Player Data

Maybe this has been pondered out loud already and I missed the post. If so let me apologize right away. If not here’s my current design conundrum…

Lets say you’ve designed a game that has a lot of it’s data stored online in a database of some kind. For instance, what the currently selected player model is. In what UE4 class would you store that data for use on the game server? I’m currently leaning towards PlayerController or the Online Subsystem, specifically the identity interface, but I wanted to get other peoples thoughts on this before I went and committed to either of these directions.

I’m finding questions like these were much more easily answered when I was working at a bigger company with multiple senior developers. Now that it’s just me (lone senior developer) I only have myself and my various “rubber duckys” to discuss my code design questions with.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Not entirely sure if its applicable for what you want but the SaveGame class is a good way to store data you can then set up save/load interactions with your database using different save slots.
If you want something to just Hold and store data potentially look at the DataTables (UDataTable)
This could be not be very helpful but im not sure on the context of your game or online system.

Hope this Helps

Why are you resurrecting posts from 2014?!