Code Critique?

Hello, I am currently working on a RPG, and before I go any further, I would like for y’all to critique my code.

Normally, I would request this on something like codereview.stackexchange, but I’m fairly certain they aren’t familiar with Unreals API, so I figured it might be better to post in the C++ forums.

Here is the repository:

Thank you to those who do critique.

It’s hard to critique an entire code base, everything looks pretty standard and if it is working for you then keep it up.

That said, I checked out your PlayerPawn.cpp and noticed a few things:

In APlayerPawn::GetLevelUp()

In APlayerPawn::SearchForTargets()

There’s probably more, but honestly I would say in general you’re doing fine and to keep pressing forward until you hit a specific issue/question.