Cobwebs Pack Released!

Hello fellow developers!

We are very excited to drop our first product Cobwebs Pack](Cobwebs Pack in Props - UE Marketplace) for Unreal Engine 4 on the Marketplace! This pack provides 35 different types of cobwebs. The pack includes a variety of orb webs, sheet webs, triangle webs, and tangled webs. These are great to bring some spooky or more abandon vibes into your environments! These webs come with features such as Surface blending and vertex painted wind control to bring more life to your webs. The cobwebs use a single channel packed texture, with geometry optimized to reduce alpha overdraw!

If you were looking for some cobwebs/spider webs for your environments, these will fit right in! Having cobwebs in any environment whether it be interior or exterior will bring some more life into your scenes.

I have written some documentation to cover all aspects of the cobweb pack here:

If you have any further questions beyond the documentation, don’t hesitate to contact me at [EMAIL=“”], I’ll be more than happy to help! :]

Here are some in-engine screenshots of the available webs: