Cobalt System FPS

Hello, I would like to share some information with you about our new project - “Cobalt System

This is going to be a first person shooter, a short game with simple mechanics and interesting and in some ways funny characters.
It is still in an early stage of development but feel free to visit our pages [links below] and discover some interesting stuff that we will be uploading during the process of development.
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**Second build is complete!


This is the first build of Cobalt System and you can now take a little bite of it to taste the game and the atmosphere of ancient Mars.

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Work in progress on the main character Cobalt, guardian of the ancient temple

Cobalt in Engine with materials.

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Playing with enemy dummy character Lorus. Looking at AI and stuff

Finished the menu and save\load system. Doing experiments with materials now

Material experiments are on the move!

Here are some sketches for the environment. More stuff will be revealed soon.

More art for the project

Here is the new art for the corridor part of the level

Great stuff. Dig the style.

Some quick concepts for the Laser Hall

This scene is getting very close to being finished

The work on the Sacred Chamber continues

The Sacred Chamber is complete. :slight_smile:
There will be more screenshots and videos coming soon.

New screenshots.

Got some new videos. Added some sand piles and tuned stuff for a better look.

Battling with AI dummies. Some more action will come a bit later today.

New battles with dummies )

Working hard on the Corridor part of the level that will lead to the Bridge.

Finished the Corridor part. Making video next )