Coating Vertex Material does not work, do not buy

This does not work, I bought it and immediately on trying to use it I am getting an shader error that says I have 17 instead of 16,
How do I fix this,
I am using a macbook pro using El capitan

Here is the product:

What version are you on?

4.11 or the latest version of El Capitan

You need to be sure its the same version as the asset is currently…

You NEED to know exactly.

Work fine for me in Windows x64 and UE 4.11.2

from the look of it, it seems the author is relying on the DX11-only extended texture sampler limit, which mac does not support.
seems there’s a marketplace caveat/restriction that Epic didn’t think of

this most likely means it’s not supported on PS4 and XOne either, which the author states it’s also intended for :smiley:

in any case, 17 texture samples for just a vertex painted coating feature seems excessive to me :eek:

he could just used shared wrap. Solved.

Umm, why didn’t think of?
Seems like not tested on Mac, though

but Shared is the DX11-only feature

\o\ i didnt actually thaught my pc has dx11 :smiley: ok then.

Is there any way to make this work on my mac, or should I ask Epic for a refund? If I need to ask for a refund, where should I do that?

to make it work on your mac you’d need to rework it so that it uses less texture samplers. if you have some tech knowledge it shouldn’t be that hard to do but then again you’ll have to sacrifice (or optimize) something. IMO if you have to rework something you bought that came broken, it defeats the purpose of buying it in the first place.

I don’t know about refunds, perhaps ask Epic directly?
their marketplace email is this: but AFAIK it’s for marketplace submissions and the like. still worth a try

Epic really needs to have people say if a certain feature doesnt work on a platform for student & newbies like me who dont know this kind of stuff before purchasing

Get in contact with the dev and ask him can he create a fix for you. If you don’t hear back from him you will have no problem getting a refund from Epic.

This problem should only be occurring on OpenGL - Mac Metal has the same independent sampler & texture semantics and limits as Direct3D 11 so something has gone wrong if you are seeing this on Mac Metal.

in plain english that means what and how long does it take for you to get a refund from Epic?