Co-operative multiplayer sailing game

Project Title: Wayward Ventures

Project Description:

Ambitious project two years in to development already. The project is a multiplayer co-operative sailing game geared towards exploration and discovery. The marketing fluff I’ve written for it so far is the following;

Wayward Ventures is my vision of a co-operative sailing experience, allowing friends to inhabit a ship together, and face all the challenges that entails. Design focus is placed on exploration, social dynamic, and journey. Basically - we throw the players and their ship in to a world, and it’s up to them to explore it and pursue their own interests. Whether that’s getting rich, filling in the edges of the map, or finding out more about the universe they inhabit.

Very quick run down of some of the things players will be able to do:

  • Help each-other perform joint-tasks, such as hoisting sails, tying ropes, and weighing anchors
  • Sword fights
  • Treasure hunts
  • Navigate storms
  • Draw maps to chart the randomly built world

Note: Much of this list has already been prototyped - although this is an ambitious project we have already made significant headway

Team Name: Wayward Ventures Development Group
(The team is so far comprised entirely of volunteers)

Team Structure:

Jackson Rolls-Gray (Project Lead) (Also me!) - 2 Years
Roles: 3D Asset creation, level creation, blueprint programming, audio design, general project director and management

**Sebastian Filby - **9 Months
Roles: 3D Asset creation, level creation, blueprint programming, UI, AI, Particle effects (pretty much everything!!)

**Sam Beale - **4 Months
Roles: 2D Asset creation, UI, Concept

Tom Goddard - **2 years
Roles: Blueprint programming

**Rob Nutter - **2 months
Roles: 3D Asset creation

Talent Required:

Essentially, what we so desperately need right now is a proper programmer. Our combined skills in blueprint seem to be only taking us so far, and there are many gaps in our knowledge. An experienced programmer for hire seems to be the solution to these problems.
-Must have previous experience on a multiplayer project built in Unreal engine
-Must be enthusiastic and willing to engage with the team via our Discord server - to communicate and report on progress

The first and main task we’d need sorting is looking at how our ships physics is handled over a network - as they are currently very jittery and strange for all clients


Contact: Email Rollsgrayj [AT] or send me a PM via IndieDb

Looks good keep it up! I’m a networking programmer in my own game and for the the replication of ships physics i can say:

  1. Don’t simulate physics in networked game.
  2. If you absolutely must, then have a server’s version of simulation be lerped / interped to clients, which means, each client does the calculations but it is then lerped /interped to server version upon next net packet receive. With enough netupdate speed and decent ping, you wont tell a difference.
  3. Ships as far as i can tell, need only location and rotation to be replicated to look good. I suggest looking at Ocean Project by community as they have some sort of networking done there as well (together with an awesome looking ocean);
  4. Avoid using multicast.

my 0.02$.

Thanks! And thanks for the advice, too. We’re currently using the community ocean shader actually as it was and has been available. I’m definitely not a programmer but from what I understand they do simulate physics with their ocean? Hopefully I can find some more qualified people to explain it better to me!

Sent you an email on the job task.

Yup, they do, but since whole ocean is just a bunch of math, all that they are doing is syncing server time. So you basically have all equations of ocean running at the same point of time, but separately without replication. I really like the ocean plugin. It’s a life saver. Keep up the good work!