Co-learning experience !

I have this idea of a team of passionate hobbiests who are new to unreal 4 and game development (yet at least got themselves familiar with using unreal 4 and have followed some of Epic’s tutorials ,have some basic understanding of Blueprints) , and are willing to cooperate on a small project (that we will decide later on) with other people of similar experience level.

The aim is for learning purposes only and learning to work in a team, we can decide what we want to make and set tasks and goals, then divide the work appropriately according to the expertise available (game design , level design , modelling , art creation , texturing , blueprinting, sound …etc), I myself have some basic experience with Blueprints , 3d modelling , texturing , 2D drawing , photo-manibulation using photoshop and the likes.

Anyone interested?

Definitely interested send me a message on Skype at avicohen112

That is exactly the reason I started looking in these forums to begin with.
A great idea and I’m way in, sent you a pm.

Cool, welcome aboard , will dig up my Skype ID (haven’t used it in a year may be) and get back to you.

Yes, I am really interested in your plan, my skype is ColonelCoconut if you want to contact me, or email me at

I sent you a request on Skype

I sent you a request on Skype

Ok guys , for those of you who sent me PMs , I would like you to introduce yourself a bit here so others can add each other, also if each one can write his/her field of interest /expertise , and past experience if any so we can get an idea.

Hey Bigboss89 good idea ! That’s totaly join the point i want to make with this!

Wanna help me to build, centralise and manage this little world ??

Hey, I already wrote something here but it didn’t get posted or something…
Anyway, I’m Ram, around a year of experience in UE4, a bit more in game dev in general,
Currently studying Computer Science in Kiev, Ukraine,
I can model (3ds max, speedtree, world machine, and a tiny bit of zbrush), make textures/materials, photoshop, a bit of programming, about 2-3 years of experience -as a hobby- in music composing and sound engineering (helps with creating sound effects), and I’ve recently been testing out some Photogrammetry.

I’m really looking forward to working with other people for the first time, and share experience and learn more about video game development

Cheers guys, Ram.

Your project seems great , and I will be really glad to help , but I don’t think my skills are up to the bar , but if I can help with something feel free to ask , though I’m still learning and this is the reason for this thread here.

Hey it seems to be good idea add me :smiley:

Hey Bigboss89, I’m interest in joining your little group mainly for the learning experience. Send me a private message sometime.

Hi there,

I started learning UE4 few days ago and find it really interesting but none of my friends are willing to spend time in learning such a thing :frowning:

I was hoping to find such a topic on this forum and here it is !
So if it is no too late I would like to join this learning team !

I’ll send you my email by mp !

Hi, seems like many people is interested in this kind of crewfunding. I’m in a similar stage as you guys, and also I have a project that could fit right away. I’m trying to build a virtual academy for UE4 using UE4. By know I’m working in selecting and polishing some tutorials as well as trying to fit them inside ue4, but I aim to build a multiplayer experience around ue4 learning. Let me know if you think is a good idea.

Hi, I’m Jon. I have a basic understanding of programming but want to join a team preferably with people who are new and want to create a project. I would want to work on a FPS in Unreal, CryEngine, or Unity. I do not want to recreate a game that has already been made. I would like to work with people who can collaborate and create a story with MP something original that has not been done. Even if that means taking a life event and building a fantasy story to go with it. (Say Chernobyl, I have some idea’s for a game on that)

Now like I said, I am new to programming I have a basic Idea how it works. I am willing to learn and hope to find others who are also willing to learn. Even if the project we have does not take off. As long as I get experience I will be happy.

Now with all that said if anybody is looking for somebody please don’t hesitate to message me here or reply to this thread.

P.S. Serious inquiry’s only. Don’t want to get something going and then all of a sudden people leave and never hear from them again.

Drop me a skype message : Ryan.jackson942

Well as my UNi is gaming and i dont think i wil be passing this year to my course was a gaming sham (only 2 modules where actually gaming based)… Enough of my sorry life lol… I want in… =)
im online daily and have done some low end platforms for learning purpose…

completed Topdown, sidescroller, shooter etc all mechanics but i think id love to finally learn the TEAM aspect that the uni couldnt teach… i affriad on what is my actually JOB would be…

have have attempted following
Animation (3dsmax maya) - worked in using BIP file (ole school anim files) they worked but due to lack of editior knowledge silly things like rotation was off etc

Modeling (same apps) - i can build it just to texture it became the headach for me and wasnt directly UE4 so thats where i loss that side of the process for modeling

UE4 Logic - for the most part i can read and write BP (c++ ue4 i can read but blah), but if it come to heavy things like librarys for inventory etc the arrays as such still call confusion,
but still this is my best knowledge area for what i have on my machine completed based off of Tutorial follow builds and personal attempts of making blank to template builds. also manage to produce a sidescroller tank shooter (based off a ols school 2d game Panzar tank).

Hit me Up enough ramblings… =)

Matt …personal email

Skype for Business - (uni based for Business skype) sure this can come in handy for group chats…

Sorry guys for the late reply , I have been busy for the past weeks.

As for my group, I had a group going and we had ideas and started working on things , then the guys got busy and aren’t active at the moment, I think they lost interest , that’s why I haven’t contacted any of you , don’t want to get into another group just for it to vanish again

Well im sorry to hear this… you should update original post with this info…
Good luck etc… sorry to hear the roosters have fled the hen house…