Cna I call Blueprint Functions form Custom Physics handler?

I have a physics model of my vechicle, which use substepping for mofeling. But substepping process call some functions from actor component, and their implementation is delegated to Bluperint - for that reason I have a crash after some time. Is it possible at all to delegate some implementation to blueprints, or substepping does not support calling BlueprintNativeEvent functions?

Hi Yata,

I’m not exactly clear on what you are wanting to do. Could you include some screenshots of our setup or a small test project?

Also, did you receive a Crashreport Callstack window when you crashed? If so, make sure to submit that report and post the full callstack here.

I had a UFUNCTION declare with BluperintNativeEvent, after some time it crashed in FFrame class. Don’t know why, can not reproduce this in standalone project.
Have some crash dumps, but don’t know which one is for this particular crash.

You can’t reproduce this in a new project, but can you reproduce it in your original project? If so, do you get a Crashreport Callstack window?

I sent a crash report, and here is the copy of crash dump for this particular text

Could you provide your Epic ID or Machine ID from the top of that Crash Callstack?

Also, follow the steps here to get your Crash Logs and post them here as well.

Hi Yata,

We are marking this report as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you would like to continue investigating the issue, just post a comment to reopen the report and include the above information.