CmpMvs _P matrices seem to be used incorrectly

I have a fixed rig. Snaps from some cameras are not in a good quality, so sometimes RC cannot find correspondence between some components automatically. I’d like to avoid manual control points specification, so I want to import position and direction of cameras from successful sessions.

Though, when I import good positions exported from successful calibration, I’ve got a scene turned upside down, and reconstruction for some reason is not very good.

Steps to reproduce

I’ve reproduced this issue on Tsukuba scene of Middlebury 2001 dataset.
I do the following:

  1. In  Workflow tab click  Folder and add a folder with images
  2. Click  Align button there
  3. When alignment stage is completed, I go to  Alignment tab and in Export section click  Registration
  4. I export registration in  CmpMvs _P matrices format setting  Undistort images to  False
  5. Then I create a new project and add the same folder (with  .txt files containing cameras information)
  6. I look at positions and rotations of cameras using properties of images in RC, and see that they are the same as after previous alignment – so, the numbers were exported and imported correctly
  7. I click  Align button
  8. Resulting scene is turned upside down and reconstruction quality is lower
  9. When I repeat the steps  4-8 , the final scene still turned upside down


I expect to have the same cameras positions on the step  8.

Also, I’ve noticed that

  • every time I get different results of reconstruction in both cases – with and without calibration
  • without imported cameras positions and directions, absolute positions and directions of cameras after alignment are different every time I launch alignment on the same images in new projects

My OS is Windows 10, I have a Steam RC.