CMake file for Unreal Engine Projects for VIM YCM Completion

Hi guys,

Been a while since I came back to use unreal engine. I’m going to use ycm GitHub - ycm-core/ycmd: A code-completion & code-comprehension server for generating auto completion tags (I can’t help but feel like a sad panda whenever I use intellisense with unreal).
Unfortunately, I have a little idea on how the project generation works.
I’ve been poking on Using Clang to compile on Windows - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums and get a slight hint about to achieve this.

Anybody has any clue on where is the make/cmake/or other build file that is used to create UE4 engine sln and project sln ?

Thanks a lot!

The sln and vcxproj files are created by the UnrealBuildTool, so you need to look at its source code for that.