Clutter meshes

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for people that can give me nice ideas of clutter i can put in my underground base. Not as in rooms, places, but as in static meshes.

With clutter i mean, boxes, barrels, pipes, tubes, camera’s, fire extinguisher, vents, etc etc.

Those i named i already have, But as this underground base is going to be big and complex i’m looking for static mesh ideas i could put in the hallways.
As this is my first bigger project i’m not that familiar with spacefillers in games and how to not make it repetative.

Does anybody have more ideas i could add do the hallways?


Which kind of game are you developing + what’s the atmosphere-> then it’s easier to suggest you some meshes :slight_smile:

Openworld Sci-fi(Futuristic) Survival RPG And with atmosphere i think you mean the theme/scene?

It’s mostly a shelter for the people, so it shouldn’t be empty i believe.

That can be partially achieved by different materials.
You could also work with different scales. Big boxes, small boxes.
Texture your box with different grime/wear on each side. If you put two next to each other, rotate one, then the variation gets more visible…

-some beds
-trash on the ground or wastebins

With atmosphere I mean how the “feeling” should be in the level -> e.g in a horror game it’s a pretty dark and spooky atmosphere :slight_smile:

if you got fallout 3 open geck to any tunnel and look at what is there. U cant use them but gives u ideas