Clunky movement

hello, i disabled my characters animations but still when i go left, right or back this clunky movement - rotation happens and i want it to be smooth, how can i do that?

Hi ClockworkOcean, Please let me know solution for this
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Have you tried turning off ‘use control rotation’?

i use “use controller rotation yaw” because i want the character to look where the camera is looking, i think the problem is that the character without changing anything goes left, right, back with “rotating” the body and not actually changing ( it’s third person project ). when i look forward but i press left the character is trying to rotate but then goes back to where the camera is looking, so this clunky thing happens

so i found the soultion thanks to ClockworkOcean. so the problem was that in character movement component i had tick on both “orient rotation to movement” and “use controller desired rotation”.
i just had to untick the “orient rotation to movement”. also i kept the “use controller rotation yaw” ticked in class defaults
so for everyone in future who will see this post:

in class defaults:
“use controller rotation yaw” [:white_check_mark:]

in character movement component:
“use controller desired rotation” [:white_check_mark:]
“orient rotation to movement” [:x:]