Cloud Saved Game (ex. Google Play Saved Games)

Cloud Saved Game Plugin (Android & iOS)

Cloud Saved Game adds support of cloud saved games from Google Play Services (see Saved Game Page) and iCloud for iOS (see Apple Developer documentation). Now you can synchronize user progress on multiple devices using Google Play or iCloud cloud storage and restore data after reinstall your game. All features are available in C++ but also exposed to Blueprints.

Required Unreal Engine 4.17 or above (4.18 or above for iOS)
Current plugin version: 0.8.2
User Guide: Cloud Saved Game (Documentation) - Google Docs

Buy now on Marketplace:…ay-saved-games


  • All features are exposed to Blueprints
  • All basic functions to work with Saved Games already implemented
  • Access to snapshot metadata
  • Save and load SaveGame object are simple like local saving
  • Full source code
  • Easy plugin setup
  • Support via e-mail


  • Save/Load Data
  • Delete Data
  • Fetch list of Saved Data
  • Access to metadata info
  • Show list of Saved Data in external UI (Android only)

Plugin is used in our mobile game Hop ‘n’ Slide (Android):

iOS version of game available via TestFlight only.

You can download example project at the following address:…dGames_Example

Updated to version 0.8.0 with iCloud support for 4.18-4.19 engine versions.

The example project is different from the current plugin version.
Please update.

Sorry for that but repo has 0.8.0 branch with support of current plugin version. I’ll merge it to master this week.

I am not a programmer. So I did not know how to use GitHub.
I used the method you gave me. Now it works fine without problems.
Thank you.

Plugin updated to version 0.8.2 and available on Marketplace.


  • Added support to build for ARM64 (Android)
  • Added flag “CheckInternetConnection” to “LoagGame From Cloud” node

I buy this plugin 3 months ago and in this plugin i have many issues. First of all this plugin won’t load without internet and the support is very bad.

Unreal should close the plugin because the plugin not work properly. And the most important thing he doesn’t support

Hello! It seems like your plugin is working only with x86 apks (armv7) out of the box. You should manually move plugin files from Unreal installation directory to your project to make the plugin work with armv8 apks. Can you fix this? Overall the plugin is good working :slight_smile: