Cloud Hosting for Perforce?

Hello everyone,

My team and I are using Perforce to collaborate from the distance on our project - the software has been amazing and would love to keep using it.
We have a problem with cloud hosting and if you are using it, would love to hear your opinion.

AWS seems crazy expensive, even though I heard it’s free: when I try to sign up, I get an estimate of $582/month…

AWS Pricing estimate.jpg
We also tried Assembla, their service is good, but the customer support is horrible and their pricing is “equivocal”: I had 2 users signed up and they were trying to billing me for 5, the price on their website is in $ and they were billing me in € (which is 20% more expensive… totally not a joke in the long run, especially for an indie studio).

So these two doesn’t seem an option…

Do you have any suggestion?

You don’t need a c5.4xlarge server for this unless you have like, a thousand users on it, P4D is very efficient. Even a $5/month linux vps from Linode will work just fine. The only thing you really need to worry about is the server having sensible upload speed and using only SSD storage.

Thank you very much! Your response is really helpful, I appreciate it.

We use a Droplet server from Digital Ocean and it only costs 5$ a month. Compared to what using Github would cost or having a physical server running, it is great. I still have tons of issues with using Perforce but they aren’t related to the server.

Thank you! I was evaluating Digital Ocean yesterday and it’s great to hear that it works well. I’ll give it a try, thank you!