Clothing Tool Bug : the coat deosn't want to "fall" down

Hi everyone,
I tried to use Clothing Tool in Unreal 4.19. It was easy to create a flag ; clothing tool works normally.

My second test was:

  • Originally, the characer and his cloth come from daz studio
  • Next all are exporter inside MAYA with the plugin 3dtoall: that make all properly.
  • I made a test of export from MAYA to UNREAL: all work nice (animation, smoothing group etc.)

But but… naturally, i wanted to make a test for cloth.
The result is shown on the pictures: i use basically the BRUSH TOOL.

May the problem comes from:

  • Physics not taken in account?
  • No gravity for the cloth?
  • A problem of bones or physics for the cloth?
  • Bad parameters in Clothing tool?

Thanks a lot in advance for your advices.
Have a great day.