Clothing Simulation on Matinee's Trooper Lead

Hey buddies !
I have a doubt. I’ve just migrated the Trooper_Lead from the sequencer/matinee sample project into my project but when i try to use that character, his low body cloth doesn’t simulates. I’ve already tried another animations too but it keeps the same way.

Does someone knows how to solve that problem ?
Thanks in advanced. :stuck_out_tongue:


Some help ? hehe


Hello Mayko, I am playing with the trooper lead as well. I am trying to achieve the same thing. I got excited when I saw your post, but then I saw noone replied. Did you figure it out?

This asset does not use a cloth simulation but rather uses bones, a LOT of them, that was constrained to a cloth rig that was simulated in an app like 3ds Max or Maya and then the transform data was baked out to FBX during export.

The applied animation package for play back I believe is called Trooper_main, or something like that, and it contains the cloth data for just that one character.