Clothing my Character

what I like to know is how to add the clothing/gear to my character, I’ve have imported character into the game and I got it working nicely but the clothes came with it, which is good for right now. But I would like for the character to be able to switch clothing. Can someone point me in the right way?

If you export your character without clothing, and export the clothes separately to the same skeleton you can add them as additional meshes.
You need to do the setMasterPoseComponent thing tho, Id have a look here, and a search on google, itll just pop a bunch of tutorials and how tos to make clothing and such.

ty that is a good first step, guess I just need to work on it to get it right, That is how I brought my character in. but thank you again, Adeptus

Hello David,

I have the character and the clothes independant but on the same skeleton.

If that can help you, this tutorial was very help for me