Clothing issue

im having an issue with custom clothing that i have created it works fine in the editor…but when i get in game and i look at my character in the inventory screen the clothing looks fine on my body but then when i get out of my inventory and go in third person mode the clothing is invisible and my character is invisible in the spots where the clothing is for example if i have a shirt on my chest area where the shirt sits is invisible…this is odd because in the inventory view of my character the clothing looks perfect its only when i go in third person when not in my inventory is when the issue occurs…has anyone had any issue like this? i am playing on low settings so it could be that i just thought of it but im not sure and i cant test it at this very second but any help is much appreciated thanks

Edit: graphix settings have nothing to do with it =(

hoping to get in contact with fancy flannel he seems to be the perfect person to help with this issue but he is offline lol just my luck

I think Lanthanum would probably be able to better answer the question than flannel since he is the one that made the stormtrooper armor. I will see if he has any ideas when he gets on TS.
Don’t get me wrong, flannel knows a lot but flannel hasn’t done any armor yet so I am not sure what all he knows about it.

That being said, I had this same issue last time I imported the latest version of the armor from Lanth. I’m not sure how or why it happened but most of the materials lost their references. IE: Base color, Normals and Specular were all blank. You might want to check into that. Also, I think DavidBC may be onto something with the attachment info’s.

thanks for the input guys i figured it out tho you must make it use the skeleton in game rather then the one that imports even tho its the same skeleton its also missing sockets so switching it to the default skel worked fine

good to hear, other items you may need to retarget if you supply your own skellies