Clothing data not generating

Hey there so i made my own post, and i hope someone can answer, i have a character and added her a Jacket, i used Blender to do it, basically made the jacket children of Root bone, with same vertex painting as the Character top, it’s working as intended when imported to UE4 the jacket follow the character and move with it,

Now here come my problem, i’m trying to have a more realistic Cloth so tried to play with clothing tool and it’s not adding any Data, so i can’t do anything with it.

i tried creating cloth with the Character hair and it’s working so, here is my question what am i missing for it to work ?

I have UV mapping, and vertex group to set up. i’ll post some screenshot if that can help, also it’s high Poly count.

Thanks to anybody that can help me figure out what’s missing or what i’m doing wrong.