Clothing Asset & Physics Asset not applying to editor viewport

Bit of context:

  1. I’ve imported my own skeleton and skeletal mesh.
  2. Retargeted the skeleton to the humanoid rig, tested some of the UE4 mannequin animations and fixed some bones.
  3. I’ve created clothing data for 3 separate parts that I want simulated, painted them and applied the clothing data.
  4. Created physics object for the legs so the cloth collides with it

Now my problem is the cloth simulation works perfectly in the skeletal mesh,animation and physics editor. However when I play the animation in my scene the cloth does not get simulated, instead it stays weight painted to my skeleton. I’ve been stuck trying to troubleshoot this all day so I would greatly appreciate any help!

(I attached screenshots from each editor menu showing the problem)

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Hi, seems you need to press Simulate to have physics applied. Idle editor i guess doesn’t try to simulate physics.

Maybe there is some option to have it enabled in all states? Not sure, but this works.