Clothing alpha mask help

Hello I have a problem with my clothing mod. Does anyone know how to get rid of the alpha mask on the body so it doesn’t show this gap in the picture?

Thank you :slight_smile:


has the clean back skin and has listings for various clothing masks in the settings.

Thank you very much hogscraper :slight_smile:

Hi sorry for asking :). I’m a noob at this and learning :slight_smile: i cannot figure out which mask i need and how to apply it to my mod any help would be very appreciated :slight_smile:

Sorry about that, I pasted the wrong thing.
That is the one you want, and you just need to uncheck BodyMask_Pants and BodyMask_Shirt, in the Clothing Masks section, to get rid of those black areas. That is assuming that you are recreating player’s skeletal mesh. The simpler option might be to export that file to get the skin and apply that to your mod item’s mesh.

nope i’m not recreating the players skeletal mesh, its just a simple clothing(armor mod). If i exported the body mask file and how would i apply it to my mod would that be in primal armor file?

I really think your idea is only doable in a limited sense. Without changing the base material your model has to fill in the blank so you either need a larger mesh of that bra or you need extensions coming down from the mesh that have the skin material applied to them. Finding the bit from the material that needs to be copied is going to be tedious but I’m not sure of how else you can do that without editing the original material. I made some crowns and had to do something like that to cover the head area correctly but anyone with different color skin can’t use it.