Clothing a character ? character comes with clothes assets

So this may be a noob question , but I got a character from marketplace , which comes with a hoodie , some pants , shoes , etc… Right now the skeletal mesh is naked , just underwear. How do I put these clothes on the character?

The best is to ask the creator of the character pack. Is a sample map with the character included in the pack which shows how to use the clothes?

search for Set Master Pose Component tutorial

theres a demo map with clothed and unclothed character in certain animations , but nothing to show how to work with the clothes. I mean , it says “modular” clothes in the description.

it should be in the char blueprint or details list…

Yea there is not a character BP that i can see , it is basemesh and some modular clothing mesh’s snd accompanying physics clothing assets. I did’nt see anything in the details , what would i be looking for in details ?

if the modular clothing was made in a BP construction script, the checkboxes would be visible to change the clothing… but if there is no BP, then you need to make one and add the clothing skeletal meshes to the base model… the const script is just another way to make changing modular clothes easy, and is not necessary

So how to make a BP with this particular character meshes and clothes? I just want to skin an existing character with this dressed up mesh character. In the base mesh ( SK Male ,naked guy), I created some clothing info for each clothes piece and went to additional meshes on the right and added the 3 meshes . Hoodie , Cargo pants , and Running shoes. It placed all the meshes where they should go correctly. So now he is dressed. if I preview the animations , all the clothes move perfectly with him. Can I save this fully dressed mesh , and just use him to replace an existing character. I don’t want to use this characters (SK Male I just dressed up) , animations. I just want to use him to replace an existing character skin and retarget those anims if I need. Thanks

By just adding the additional mesh’s on the right. It knows exactly where to put them and they move exactly with the animations. But if I save it , it doesn’t save the clothes on him. I mean , I don’t want to be able to change clothes, I just want to use him with the clothes on him. So I guess combining the SK Male with the clothes.