I would like to setup a simple cloth simulation with two separate objects.

  1. Object: Sphere
  2. Object: Cloth

Both objects are two separated meshes.

How to setup this simple cloth simulation, that the Cloth will drop on the sphere and interacte dynamically with the sphere?

I couldn’t find in the UE4 Documentation any proper explanation.

Thanks for any little help,
appreciate it!

Both have to be part of the same skeletal mesh, just bind the two to bones in your DCC and give them unique materials. In the UE skelmesh editor you can then select just the plane and right-click to create cloth set it’s parameter. Then right-click again to assign. Collision is handled in the phat editor. The cloth will only collide with what’s part of the skelmesh, not with objects in the world.

appreciate your help, but I can’t get this done with more detailed instructions.

I created this video to show the initial problem:

thank you so much

Part 2: