Cloth vs set master pose

Help me with setting up a modular clothing system, that uses Physx Cloth ?

I’d like to have item of clothing say a dress, that’s partially animated, and partially driven by Physx cloth and collision volumes. The dress mesh would then be added to a person mesh, and the cloth sim would collide with the collision volumes in the person mesh (i.e. the legs), this would allow for the bottom half of the dress to react properly as the person moved around, sat down etc etc.

The dress would would also be set to follow the animations of the person mesh, using set master pose, so that the upper part of the dress (not under cloth sim) would follow the upper body animations.

I have made great progress with this (and am happy to answer questions regarding Physx, cloth sim, collision volumes, PHAT assets, etc etc), however I have hit an impass:

If I use “attach to” then “set master pose” doesn’t work, and the upper body doesn’t follow the animations of the body mesh.

If I don’t use attach to then several things can happen…

If I add the dress mesh, and don’t have physics on and set to collide with the physics bodies then the cloth doesn’t collide with the legs (collision volumes in the body mesh).

If I enable physics and set the dress to collide with physics, the dress “pings” off and jumps around the scene. (probably because the physics asset of the dress is intersecting with the physics asset of the person mesh)

Can anyone offer some light on this ?

Will physx cloth be more tightly integrated in future? it all seams a bit of an after though at the moment and of limited value.