Cloth tool negative values!…iew/index.html

And if you read this, the backstop radius is supposed to be able to take negative values.…thingTool.html

As things stand, enabling a backstop of 1 with a radius of 10 creates a positive space between the original position and where the vertex is pushed.
This however doesn’t do ANYTHiNG like what Nvidia says it should. Meaning that the normals and direction are wholefully ignored, and the cloth is always free to penetrate into underlying geometry - or hit the PHAT asset in case you have one.

Additionally, since someone would need to look at the code anyway… is there a limit of some sort to how many capsules can affect cloth? It seems that after a certain point the cloth just stops responding to capsules, but there also seems to be no rhyme or reason to it? It won’t work near the bone, but might work further away.