Cloth (static objects) polygon size?

Recently been working on a cloth material in Marvelous Designer, something like a curtain that covers an entire LARGE shelf. However, the number of polys is 22 000. I tried retopology, but the best I did was around 13 000 polygons. Is that too much for 2017 game that tries to be as realistic as possible?
The material size is 1024 x 1024.

That’s definitely too much. Look at the curtain in the realistic apartment demo

I think this very much depends, he mentions it’s very large area and if that area has many folds that require the detail then 22000 is not very much at all. especially if it’s static as well.

The one in the realistic apartment Demo seems like small side piece curtains with little folds. Best way to know is if he posts a sample image.

If it’s for a PC game it’s fine for sure.

when designing cloth, you should keep in mind that you don’t really need to add detail to it, in a program such as marvellous designer, unless it’s different types of cloth, with different values, as the simulation will create all those folds and creases on its own. you need to keep the polycount reasonably low, i found 2000 polys for a double sided trenchcoat achieved good results… hope this helps.

Thank you all for your replies, however, I mentioned above that it’s a piece of cloth covering an entire shelf, which is much larger than the player. So, I believe 2000 polys would be too low.
Take a living room couch for example, which is covered with a white cloth. That cloth I believe, has to be more than 2000 polys in order to deform properly according to the shape of the couch. Am I right?

Here’s a reference image of a covered shelf:

Go with as reasonable poly count as you need, 20K 40K 60K i don’t think this will make a difference in UE for a hero prop aimed for pc and console. Just be reasonable push it as high enough to be satisfactory in model detail the rest paint it in as texture. you will test the entire performance of your scene once done, static mesh lod’s easy to create, for now don’t worry about a few thousand extra polys or even 10’s of thousands.

Thank you a lot K! :slight_smile: