Cloth simulation

I’ve been trying to find ways to do Apex cloth with free or cheap tools. I’ve used Maya before to do it, but all I have available now is Maya LT, which has no plugin for it as far as I know. I think Blender has something along the lines, but I only seem to find really old threads where people don’t actually get it to work or they just don’t post that they successfully got it working. Also I have no experience with Blender, which is less than ideal. I downloaded the Nvidia Apex SDK and it has the clothing tool, which I guess should be useful for me, but I cannot find any up to date documentation for it or guides on how to use it.

So if anyone has any tips or info that could help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

There’s PhysX plugin for Maya LT 2016 Extension 1.

There is an Blender-Apex tutorial on Geodav’s channel -> :slight_smile:

Oh, this is excellent news. I see that it’s a pretty recent release, but they’re really not making it easy to know or find out about it. Their website says you should get their game engine Stingray, which is not available on Steam as of yet. (And that’s where my subscription is.) A search through the steam forums reveals no information on it. Had to get a tip off here and dig through some other forums to get a post saying it’s available to download through Nvidia’s site now. Of course it makes perfect sense that it’s there, but still surprisingly little info on that.

Anyhow, got it working now and it solves all of my problems with this topic. Thanks!