Cloth simulation

Hello There!

I am creating a game to my course. I am doing the rigging of my character on Maya and I’m facing a lot of problems with the shirt rigging.
I’d like to know how can I make a cloth system and apply it on the my character’s shirt instead of the rigging.

Is there some content that I can study to make it?

Is it necessary to save the shirt and the character in different files or I have to make the animations with that shirt and before apply the supposed system in Unreal?

PS. I am using blueprint in the project

you don’t have to make the anims with the shirt, as long as the shirt is imported with the same rig… you can do clothing with the shirt but would have to spend a lot of time on the ‘clothing’ physics actor to set it up… if he is just going to have the one shirt, it might be easier to replace the underlying skin with the shirt mesh

I bring my blender clothing in as separate fbx skeletal meshes with the same rig (actually built in the same blend file and imported in one at a time)… check on youtube or do a web search for ‘ue4 clothing’… don’t do apex clothing from nvidias gameworks as that is now legacy and i think might be phased out