Cloth simulation on hair and skirt demo.

Though I would take another run at cloth simulation and I have to say huge improvement from the last time.

As tested the hair comes in at 57K and the skirt about 25 and would run in real time if I had a better video card and up to date puter.

Seems it does a pretty decent job. Are the normals not getting recalculated on the skirt when it deforms? There’s definitely some funky shading going on there.

I believe that’s caused because the skirt has pleating already so with out self collision turned on the geo tends to clip causing funky shading. Turning on self collision seems to solve the problem but FPS drops down to next to 0.

Not the fault of the simulation but rather user abuse :wink:

Hi @FrankieV

I’m trying to get cloth working in 4.22 and having trouble getting it to collide with the character. Please could you explain your workflow step by step so I can learn how to get it working :).
I’ve searched all over but haven’t found anything that works for 4.22 yet.

Thank you!