Cloth simulation of dress (Multiple Layers)

I feel like I don’t have a clear understanding on how to configure simulation of cloth for characters.

I setup a collision capsules and then paint a mask for cloth simulation.
For now, just start testing with one layer.
I have been following tutorials, but so far I didn’t not have the same effects there as it was described. E.g. Collision thickness param doesn’t affect anything, though as you can see it is set to 100.
Overall, I don’t see parameters affecting simulation in any way.

I was wondering what is the proper way of setting this up? It’s kinda sad there’s no full tutorial on some relativelly complex cloth chars (like someone in FF7 remake), only a bunch of flags and capes.

The purpose is to make it somewhat affected by the wind, but to not loose it’s initial shape much, so it shouldn’t like drop right down on legs, rather mostly keep its shape