Cloth simulation not working in packaged project cross-compiled for Linux AArch64


I am creating a small program that I am experimenting with deploying on an NVidia Jetson Nano developer kit that runs Unreal’s cloth simulation as a main feature. I have been able to package the program for Linux AArch64 using the -v13 clang-7.0.1-based toolchain and run the program on the Jetson Nano in Ubuntu, but the cloth simulation is not working. The mesh instead sits static.

When I package the project for Windows, everything works as expected.

I haven’t yet come across any logs that indicate what may be the problem or really any evidence that would help me narrow down the problem. Are cloth simulations supported when cross-compiling for Linux?

I am running UE 4.22.3 in Windows built from source as the editor.

Any help or ideas are appreciated!