Cloth Simulation not working correctly with physics bodies

So I’m trying to make a scaffolding that’s often seen around buildings being constructed.
I made a basic scaffold in Blender and added a plane to it, I made sure they both have different materials and separate vertex groups too.

I import to UE4 as a skeletal mesh

I adjust the physics body to only be over the middle bar so the cloth doesn’t cross it

I create the Cloth

But it just either doesn’t react to the physics body or goes absolutely berserk, depending on the scaping of the physics body and the scaling in Blender. I’ve tried all combinations of scaling and it just won’t react or stretch away from the physics asset all the way to the horizon like ‘nope’

so I don’t know what to do anymore. pls halp

nvm, fixed it. Scaling was not set at 1 in blender.


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