Cloth simulation HELP!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking at every post about this and youtube with no answers on the current version of Unreal engine or even anything 4.23/4.22 related. Anything before that is broken due to changes with Unreal.

I set up the cloth simulation on my skeletal mesh and it works, added a wind volume… The issue here is that I’m trying to make it that the player and/or objects in game when interacting with cloth, the cloth reacts to that and therefore acts accordingly. I’ve went inside the content example Unreal has available and they do showcase that but they don’t explain how they do it. I’ve looked at what they have changed on the skeletal mesh with no luck whatsoever…

ANY help is appreciated! <3

You want your inGameObjects to be able to react with the Cloth Asset? To me this seems like a simple collision check.

  • Collide with World (For an example)

I have a project in development where i too have a cloth asset, but the only thing affecting it is its own triangles (Self Collision) and the default UE Wind Actor.