Cloth Simulation Crazy Clipping

So I currently have this problem where the dress of the character will clip through the model and remain in a wrong state for the rest of the time moving forward if I make the character rotate in place in a fast manner, at least that’s what makes it go crazy right away. I tried messing around with the Cloth settings, stiffness, gravity, and so on but to no avail. I retopologied my model and that didn’t help at all. I went ahead and loaded the content examples and noticed that this piece of simulation in the Cloth map example suffers from the same thing as well. And even Paragon high quality characters like the Revenant suffer from clipping from time to time. Anybody had to deal with this before?

I thought about perhaps going with a different workflow which involved doing the simulation in Marvelous Designer and exporting that as an alembic cache. The only problem with this approach is the added effort in content authoring and also if i wanted to add wind or something in game, the cloth won’t behave correctly anymore as the simulation conditions are different in this case. I guess that could be improved by importing the alembic cached simulation as a skeletalmesh and painting with the cloth tool at some parts to make it simulate with wind motion?

I hope someone from the devs could respond to this as well. I attached a video through the link below which shows the issue I’m taking about.