Cloth Simulation, Clothes don't move

Hey, Currently using UE 4.2 and I’m running into some issues with the Cloth simulator. After I paint an object I want to move and disable the Cloth Paint tool the object doesn’t move at all. I’ve added wind to the project, messed with the config settings of the cloth and nothing has changed. Does anyone know why this is?

I’m having this issue too. Surely we aren’t the only ones with this issue. I’ve tried an insane amount of things, made sure ‘Used with cloth’ and Skel Mesh options for the materials were ticked. Still nothing at all. And not like we can really diagnose anything. It literally just doesnt move at all in game or anything. Sucks big time.

You may have missed the ‘last’ step of applying the cloth to the section. Right click the section and hit ‘apply cloth’

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