Cloth Sim. Why I need to scale Collisions very big to affect the vertices?

Hello Guys,

I have a problem. I try this in UE4.22.3 & 4.23.1 But in both engine Version i get the same effect. Maybe you guys know the solution.

I try to make Cloth Sim on a skirt. (Made in Maya and Root Bone Scale = 1). But if i want to influence it with the physic asset I need to scale the capsule collisions very big. Otherwise it will not effect the Sim by moving or scale it.

I already google this problem and most of the post says it depend on the scale of the root bone and the Approx Size. Cause my other skirt version model (Made in Blender with Root Bone Scale = 100) i need to import it to 0,001 otherwise i would need to scale the capsules to bigger than 100 to get influence effects. But with this small size, i cant really see anything in the Editor Preview anymore ;(

So I see many youtube vids of this and there it all works perfect without any scale collisions too big. So what i am making wrong?

Is that a Bug?